Low Temp & Ultra Low Temp Chest Freezers(VT 78, VT 408)

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These Vestfrost low temperature freezers create the possibility to maintain temperatures as low as ‐45°C (VT 147 & VT 307) , upto ‐60°C (VT 407) and upto ‐ 86°C (VT 78 & VT 408).

Supreme stability, reliability, user‐ friendliness and ease of cleaning make these freezers an ideal solution for laboratories and hospitals. Nature R refrigerant, cyclopentane insulation combined with recyclable materials make the freezers extremely eco‐friendly.


  • Eco‐friendly Nature R refrigerant.
  • Single compressor low‐energy system.
  • Digital XR30CX Controller
  • Audible and visual alarm
  • Prepared for CO2 backup systems and temperature logging equipment
  • User‐friendly and maintenance‐free
  • Battery backup for temperature display


  • Pre‐programmed from factory. Parameters can be reset with hot key.
  • Programmable in both Fahrenheit and Celsius.

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