Solar Driven Vaccine Refrigerators (MKS 044 with Solar Panels)

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Based on the unique Solarchill ice bank technology, the Vestfrost MKS 044 functions safely without use of energy storing batteries or contaminating fuel.

Solar panels supply the necessary power and the icebank provides a reliable temperature in the vaccine compartment – even when the sun is absent for days. The temperature is controlled and maintained via self‐regulating convection between icebank and vaccine compartment.


  • Reliable temperature between +2°C to +8°C
  • No electricity, fuel or battery required for energy storage result in no operating costs
  • Icebank provides reliable temperatures‐even when the sun is absent for days
  • Simple installation and easy to operate
  • Maintenance free ‐ only the solar panels must be wiped for optimal utilization of the sun
  • Field‐tested 2 years under extreme conditions in Senegal, Cuba and Indonesia


  • Hydrocarbon refrigerator
  • Energy storage in natural icebank
  • No harm on the ozone layer
  • Cyclopentane insulation
  • No pollution
  • No contribution to global warming

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