WOW Oven (PS-640)

Get Many More Features

Middleby Marshall PS Series conveyor ovens bake both faster and at a lower temperature than other ovens. Patented ver cal columns of hot air move heat aerodynamically instead of using high temperatures. The streams of hot air remove the boundary layers of

cool heavy air which tend to insulate the product. This gives very rapid baking without burning the product.

  • Impingement PLUS! low oven profile and dual air return
  • Patented EMS energy Management System reduces gas consump on and increases cooking efficiency
  • Advanced technology air delivery system bakes up to 30% faster than standard conveyor ovens
  • The PS640 WOW! oven features an Energy Management System (EMS) that automa cally reduces gas consump on. Touch Screen Control can be programmed in energy saving mode.
  • Automa c "energy eye" saves gas when no pizzas are in the
  • High speed conveyor (Range of 2:00 ‐ 30:00)
  • 40‐1/2" (1029mm) long cooking chamber
  • 33‐1/2" (851mm) wide, 76‐1/2" (1943mm) long conveyor belt

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